Thursday, 2 May 2013

Survival of The Poisonous: "Black Mamba vs. Young Lion"

Jesus Christ!!! In my very first attempt to bring the wildest battles to The Toxicologist Today, we are taken to the snake's pit just to see a young lion face death as it unfortunately relaxes under a nice shadow... only to find it to be the exit door of a deadly African Black Mamba. You can feel the tension piling up as the snake does not want to attempt a void strike and the lion pretty much knows that one false movement and it's history! But then there was a moment I just had to admire this young pup utter irresponsibility or plain juvenile ignorance as he starts playing around with some weed and totally ignores the poisonous menace. I'm pretty sure weed was what got this young lion in danger in the first place. When he finally decided to just leave the main entrance of the snake pit, I couldn't believe the snake was actually the one who had pooped her pants.

"Black mamba venom peptides target acid-sensing ion channels to abolish pain"

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