Thursday, 14 March 2013

Men on Pause? Hit play again!

I have been trying to write a serious article about SEX. Not because I think it's toxic, not at all, you just keep doing it as much as possible (the safe version, not the careless one). But mainly because a few months back I was reading an article about McAfee and his new adventure in the depths of some rain forest. Apparently he set up a lab with all the money he made with his namesake antivirus; looking for a miraculous pill that whoever gets there first will just win a golden rainbow. I talk of Libido enhancers for women.

Men are sexual beasts by nature!! Women look a lot more delicate and refined in what comes to sex. At least it used to be that way. If one triggers their moderate libido sky high by creating a "Viagra meets Pink Pill" who knows what nuclear thing can happen. It will definitely be the nuclear mushroom of the sexual encounters.

Playing edgy and trying not to be too rude for the more sensitive minds, I can easily declare that if I was the one to find this universe changing compound I would name it PussyCatDoll. You all know the PussyCat part, holistically and in its parts, let's just jump that explanation.... kind of feel like explaining it bit by bit... however, well... every time I think of a woman taking such libidinous pill, I see her transforming into Nicole Scherzinger, entering the room like a furious hurricane and leave all men present in a state of total hormonal chaos. I would actually bottle those pills in a jar with a "Biohazard" sticker on it and the image of Nicole going all erotic against the wind.


If you try the web and search for libido boosters for women, pills for increasing libido in women or any other aid that ultimately can make women more willing for fooling around, you will find a very well kept secret. Don't misinterpret my words, you will find information, actually loads of it, but you will also find a tremendous black hole of misguiding misinformation, sucking you into a deep abyss of very superficial concepts and a shallow touch on ingredients, active substances and the like. Companies do know that after oil, the black oil that makes our cars go forward, there is sex. And that is the second strongest lobby in the world. Just ask anyone you know and I can assure you that after Power (Authority per se), Speed and Sex are the verges separating mankind from noradrenaline ejaculations straight to the spinal chord (if such thing can be accepted by the anal retentive scholars of the endocrine philosophy).

To understand libido in women and how could a pill ever manipulate it, we must firstly look deeper into the periodicity of sexual desire. Singer and Singer (1972) separated the problem in two basic components: a period of heightened sexual desire within the menstrual cycle and 2) and the relationship between such period and the ovulation. Singer and Singer (1972) did not find any correlation between desire and spontaneous ovulation in women. But they indeed found that maybe there is a coitus-induced ovulation in most women, especially when sexual appetite is high. Most women I know who have the guts to talk openly about sex actually claim that the more they do it the more they want to do it. All right! This is a good indicator for the production of the pink pill, nonetheless it does not fully provide answers for the miraculous ingredient. Moreover, they also found that a woman's sexual desire usually peaks during the follicular phase or luteal phase, usually each subject adopts a trend from these two [1]. Here's another good point for the making of a pink pill.

These ideas may have been taken into account by the creators of Avlimil (made 100% of natural ingredients), a product for menopausal women. This known dietary produce works the hormonal imbalance characteristic of such period of bodily changes but is anecdotally had as a libido enhancer. It is based on Sage leaf (Salvia officinalis), Red raspberry leaf (Rubus Idaeus), Isoflavones from Kudzu root and red clover extract, Wax Myrtle (Morella cerifera), Licorice root (Glycirrhizia glabra), Capsicum pepper (Capsicum annuum), Damiana leaf (Turnera diffusa), Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale), Valeriana root (Valeriana officinalis) and Black Cohosh root (Actaea racemosa).

A watchdog website known as Woman's Health Weekly, tested a few libido enhancers specifically for women and accepts Avlimil has being a lot better than most of the products tested, however it is still far from being one of the two best they have assessed [2]. For this crew HerSolution (TM) is the first choice. They claim it boosts fertility and satisfaction during sex, works incredibly fast, and does not have any side effect. Nevertheless, they do not respond to my main question, i.e., does it increase libido in women instantly or in a matter of minutes, hours days? Maybe, Provestra (TM) responds better to this question. This same watchdog website claims that Provestra (TM) focuses specifically on the reasons why women lost sexual appetite, and bases its action on one very clever idea - promoting the blood flow to the genitals to increase "the sensation and possibility for extremely powerful orgasms".

For all those men who are already preparing crazy loads of ginger root juice, just calm down! Even though there are no side effects known, and the ingredients are basically the same between these three main brands. Why don't you do your own research with your partner. Women are known to be turned on tremendously by companionship, sharing, communication and kindness. Sit her down and review as a couple a list of ideas I browsed in the web to make your life easier:

1st) Apply some time understanding the human sexual response, here.

2nd) Read a good chapter on sex enhancing supplements, here.

3rd) Get to know Femvigor(TM), another product that claims quality, here, and then take your own choice.

After reading a few pages throughout the web you have to agree with the statement that this is the dawn of the T-Booster Era, the quest for the T-booster miracle as they say. A company that reaches a safe, sound formula for enhancing women's libido will make more profit than companies relying on petrol. Testosterone is the new bodily God. But where is the Goddess to this iconic hormone?


[1] Singer, Irving and Singer, Josephine (1972). "Periodicity of sexual desire in relation time of ovulation in women". Journal of Biosocial Science, 4, pp. 471-481.

[2] Woman's Health Weekly, Avlimil, [], last ipdate in 2010, last visited on the 14th of March 2013.

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