Monday, 11 February 2013

Did you know that...

"In the last decade, insights into the virology of hepatitis C virus (HCV) have unraveled several targets for potential novel therapeutics that, unlike interferon (IFN)-alpha and ribavirin, are specifically targeted to HCV." Read more in horizonpress

"There is no evidence for further spread among humans of a novel coronavirus recently isolated from two individuals with severe respiratory illness." Read more in Virology Blog

You can teach your kids how to catch a ghost with Steve Spangler.

"The history of click-speaking Khoe-San" is unveiled in ViroBlogy.

"A common and major resistance mechanism, the efflux system, enables bacteria to extrude structurally diverse antimicrobials, facilitating survival in toxic environments. " Read more in Caister.

If you are facing anxiety and depression you can know a little bit more about it by visiting Taking Charge of Your Health webpage by the University of Minnesota.

Professor Dario Maestripieri is very disappointed women in Science are not sexy enough. read more in Jezebel an article that was given to my knowledge by Science.

Bitesizebio gives you "10 Uses for a PhD Thesis". Funny! I can think of more than 200!!! And you?

Spillover is the book you want to offer me as a late birthday present. For details contact me on Believe me, it will improve the overall quality of this blog.

If you have a relative or someone you know is relatedto an infant soon undergoing surgery, cartoons are the answer. Read more in Drugs.

Personal Protective Equipment is there for a reason. At least 10 are offered to you by Bitesizebio.

Chemistry in its element gives you loads of uses to vinegar. Go check!

"Expert Testimony ... of Harran Hearing". Read more in Science.

Ebola can be transferred from pigs to monkeys? Read more in Aetiology.

"I've Got Your Impact Factor Right Here" Read more in Science.


Next articles to be presented in February's The Toxicologist Today:

- The pill that will make all women go crazy;

- Ethidium Bromide;

- Electronic Cigarettes;

And How to Solve Crimes with The Toxicologist Today.

In the meanwhile stay with a quote read in an e-newspaper's opinion article:

"Science can produce knowledge, but if this is wasted feeding the economical objectives of an unequal society, it is natural its stagnation".

Félix Do Carmo in Have Science and Technology stopped promoting growth?

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