Friday, 18 January 2013

Ultraviolet blushing moment

I was in the gel room to just load my samples onto that 1% agarose gel of mine when I realised one of the research technicians wanted to cut her DNA bands. It is customary to leave the room allowing the person to proceed with the cutting; the room lights will be off and the gel will be illuminated by ultraviolet light that can be damaging for both skin and eyes. Usually people leave the room and the person wanting to cut the gel bands will wear a protective mask. But my eagerness to keep working was so strong that I totally forgot she'd turn the lights out.

So, I politely insisted if I could "...stay inside?! I will wear protection".

And with a very cheeky look she replied immediately:
- If we are in this together it's better we wear protection, don't you think so?

Obviously it ended up in loads of laughter and the day went by to the point of this writing. I know one day I'll laugh even more than I actually did as I was trying not to blush (and believe me I do not blush easily). But I will when I recall these moments in the Pretty Humorous Disaster's catalog.

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