Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Did you know that...

"Amanita muscaria.The name comes from its use as a fly poison, but for bigger animals like reindeer its not so much poisonous as fun. In fact, I was told that upon smelling a crushed mushroom, reindeer will come from miles around to eat some. Why? Because of the psychoactive compounds the mushrooms contain." in Chemistry World Blog (watch the video here).

There's a ~hour long podcast on H5N1 that you can and should listen to on your way home. TWIV (Find it here).

The Defective Brain said "I realised that no matter how good I am as a scientist, some arbitrary crap that I have no control over can prevent me from pursuing a career... This is a carerre where the smartest people don't get to the top, they get out" in Memoirs of a Defective Brain (read it here).

Tiger Toxin Sights said about PDUFA V "Emphasis on this risk-benefit framework is a landmark difference in the pending PDUFA V legislation." (read it here).

"The fact is that H5N1 flu is an ever-present threat to people living in Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Thailand and China – WITHOUT being weaponised.  It is no more than a notional threat to the US or Europe – and keeping information that could help in understanding how or how soon the virus could mutate to pandemicity out of people’s hands, is simply stupid." in ViroBlogy (read it here).

The Defective Brain commented about Enserink's article on a lab created influenza virus that "after 10 passages in ferrets, an altered H5N1 virus does transmit in the air among ferrets, but inefficiently and without killing the animals." (Read it here).

Patricia Owen of the psychology department at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, reviewed 41 English-language films released between 1990 and 2010 that featured at least one main character with schizophrenia and found that 83 percent of those characters were portrayed as dangerous or violent to others or themselves. Drugs.com (Read more in here).

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