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DietPower 4.4

Before we even start I'd like to tell you guys that I am not being paid to say anything of what I'm about to say. What I am about to say is my personal assessment I decided to include for the inauguration of a brand new label here on The Toxicologist Today. I am talking of Software and Databases, not advertisement and publicity. I am completely free to speak my mind about a product I have tested and I personally loved it. If you want to purchase it or just give it a try to the 15 days free-trial it is entirely up to you. I could definitely give you my reference URL and make money with it, or just gather more points for a possible discount in the future, but I am not going to do it just because I want you guys to feel free to savor this post without any biased tendencies backing the information.

This new label intends to approach available software and databases worldwide that can, at some point in our lives, help us progress or tackle issues directly or indirectly related to Toxicology. So to start I thought about preparing this label with a few pragmatic classic questions. What, Why, When, Who, SWOT and a motto coming before all that. I hope you guys enjoy this new addition to the blog and, as usual, if you have anything to say that might help enhance the quality of the articles and information provided or just the range of subjects covered, be my guest and leave me a note.


Motto: I am about to go on holidays in more or less a month. I weight 82Kg which is not that bad considering I'm 178cm. But when I got to my 30s I realised my metabolic rate was not playing as usual, the burned calories were decreasing regardless of exercising more than usual and eating less. I've been a vegetarian for the past 13 years, and counting, hopefully; so I believe that natural biology and sometimes desk-based tasks force that belly growth and I need to tackle it. I do gym 3 times a week, I even do boot-camp because my instructor (damn, she is fit) is very good and really gets us going. I want to get to Portugal early August and have my six pack out and shinning so my wife can be proud of the man she drove completely crazy. If you need a motto yourself, just focus on this brief piece of information ; read Sturm et al (2004) on the increasing obesity and disability rates. And I am sure this is a drop in the ocean as for examples there are more to choose from, actually.

What? I recently found this program whilst browsing the web for some good applications that could help me reach my final goal. DietPower 4.4 was the only one I relied immediately due to the 15 days free  trial, a great tutorial (simple and straightforward), easy to use with a pleasant interface. All in all, nothing of complicated stuff requiring us to read pages after pages of manuals (you can do it if you want though). But the one thing that got me immediately was the fact that the program works the scientific part of nutrition in a very professional and trustworthy way. There's no crap on crap, it is what it is and it tells you how it is.

Why? Because it doesn't waste time on stupidity and futile diets. You set your own goals and the program tells you how you can reach it safely. But it won't cuddle your spirit. DietPower 4.4 tells you how unrealistic your goals are and even attempts to help you be a little more serious on your promises. The different tools you'll find in the program really improve the diet experience and you'll have real fun trying to maintain your records, analysing your data in an easy fashion, knowing more about nutrient facts, taking into account your exercising as a way to lose calories and even gain calories (not sure how?, as you exercise more you will be allowed to eat relatively more), play with a dictionary of foods, editing your foods and exercises. There is a world of things to be done with this program. This software is not boring or complicated at all, it's like a rather more professional friend you talk to about your eating habits, your exercising and your diet. A great idea to put to use.

When? Whenever you want without any restrictions. If you feel like you'd like to know the quality of your eating habits this program can help you. If you're wishing for an healthier and more balanced diet, this software can help you. If you'd like to attain a goal, regardless of how difficult you've set it, take a look at this software as it can help you. As long as you're serious and honest with the information input then you can expect this program to be as serious and honest with you. Don't put any pressure on you and take as much advice as possible from this interactive instrument. The potentialities are there for you to use.

SWOT: I don't want to go too deep in assessing this software. Different people have different perspectives on things. Mine is to offer you just two immediate positives and negatives I faced throughout and a way to overcome these deficiencies. 1)  Their registered foods are based in an American Diet, sorry if I am possibly offending you, it is not my intention but there's a bunch of fast-food we honestly find bizarre in Europe - you have the "create food" option to add your own foods and nutrients thus simply overcoming such barrier. 2) Again, too American for Europeans in terms of measures - ounces?? what da hell??!! - but they found a way for you to tackle that as you can chose what measures to use and there is also a calculator for avoiding mistakes. Nonetheless, they missed the automatic conversion between measures, that would be awesome. 3) OK, I said the interface was nice. Well, in terms of design acceptable is the word. In terms of options it is pretty good. But give it a little bit less of a gray shade and add an interactive trainer and things might work better for the eyes. 4) Confirming exit after exit is boring, lose that once for all.

OK guys, if you feel like trying the free version find it here for download. I tried it, liked it, purchased it. it was around 19 sterling pounds, maybe more or less 24 American dollars I guess. Hope you enjoy it and see you soon.

Sturm, R., Ringel, J. S., Andreyeva, T.  (2004). "Increasing obesity rates and disability trends". Health Affairs, 23(2), pp. 199-205.

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