Monday, 12 March 2012

You were told how to drive... but can you actually drive?

I know I have been quite absent for the past month but a serious parotid gland blockage along with a serious flu and a serious time in the lab trying to produce a very complicated strain out of the engineering of 5 different vectors have driven me mad... and my hectic life kept me aside of this blog of mine. For that I apologise.

I am now writing the seventh review to the PTI's regulatory affairs course I've been reviewing lately. I can officially announce that the review to the seventh module will be posted in the blog no later than Today! Fortunately, I was given some spare time whilst waiting for some oligos that are to come so I can repair a few things to the process of constructing this brand new strain.

I was earlier commenting to a colleague of mine "Dude, I never learned as much as when I do gross mistakes and have to go back, review the fundamentals, rewrite the protocol, redo the practical work and reassess what's been accomplished", And that was exactly what I had to go through these last two weeks. I learned so much I can stand on the shoulders of giants and discuss the methodology and the theoretical principles at their height for now I have the experience and the knowledge.

And that was totally acknowledged by my colleague. He finished by saying "It's expected to be that way, that's how you now you've progressed, when you go back and see where, how and why you did wrong... It's like knowing how to drive a car. In theory everyone who learns know, but do they really know how to drive a car?"

See you later for the long waiting seventh review!