Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What's your opinion on Bellaverde® Broccoli?

I got a newsletter from covering the subject of genetically modified broccoli being sold in the United Kingdom. I have my opinion about gmos and to be honest I am not totally against them. What I am entirely against is the politics of subservience perpetrated by Monsanto as a company that lacks on scrupulous. Their politics generate modern farm slaves, subjugates countries from poorer areas in the world to a completely irresponsible attitude of near slavery and is helping drive the natural world towards a dead-end from where there is no return. From seeds genetically modified to have a programmed expiry date to investments on  intensive production that disrupts the normal homoeostasis of the land... there is a lot to be said.I don't mind Bellaverde® Broccoli to be sold, it's not even a gmo. What I do mind is the harmful politics of the company behind this and some other products that in my opinion are helping us all to live in a much worse planet. For so many reasons I do not want Monsanto near me or my life. I don't want them banned from a supermarket next to me just because I don't think I have the right to restrict other people access to these products. My banning policy has always been - If I don't Want I Do Not Buy. However, I felt like posting this message just because it would be great to have other opinions in this blog. Nevertheless, my head is made up. I won't buy this product but I don't think I have the right to restrict the access to it because people should be capable of taking their own decisions. My idea is, provide people enough quality information for them to be able to make their own decision on the grounds of their own beliefs. 

Well... Here is the message I was sent today. I hope it helps you understand the idea a little better.

"Monsanto, the company responsible for producing almost 90% of genetically modified seeds around the world, is stocking a supermarket near you -- with a trademarked vegetable.
Bellaverde® Broccoli was created by Monsanto and is currently being sold as a Waitrose & Sainsbury’s product across the UK.
Although the Bellaverde® isn’t a genetically modified (GMO) product, it is "conventionally-bred" by the biotech company that co-created Agent Orange and just last year won Natural Society’s award for "Worst Company in the World".
Ciaran is a father of two from Portsmouth who, after seeing a friend post a photo of the Bellaverde® Broccoli on their Facebook page, was shocked that well-respected British supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Waitrose were selling Monsanto products under their own brands. So he started a campaign on calling on them to withdraw the products from their shelves. Click here to join Ciaran’s campaign.
Stocking Bellaverde® Broccoli may not seem like a big deal but the implications are huge. If Waitrose and Sainsbury’s are carrying one supposedly GMO-free Monsanto product today, they could very well carry genetically modified vegetables tomorrow. Soon, our supermarkets could be stocked with unhealthy, unnatural Monsanto products.
Ciaran is concerned that the relationship between supermarkets such as Waitrose who pride themselves on being ethical and a notoriously unethical company like Monsanto is a dangerous step towards GMO-style products infiltrating the UK market. Ciaran wants to kick Monsanto out of UK supermarkets now before it’s too late and more products stock the shelves.
Waitrose and Sainsbury’s say they haven’t had complaints from customers about the product and have no plans to stop selling the trademarked broccoli (that even features as a Sainsbury’s "Taste the Difference" product) -- but say they will continue to monitor customer feedback so now is the time to tell the supermarkets to kick out Monsanto."

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