Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I saw God and it was easy...

I see myself as a Pantheist and therefore I believe that:

God is only a combination of biological laws that haven't been understood to their full extent, but which continue to be unwrapped by the natural sciences, exact sciences and human sciences as well as the scientific critical thinking.

Good (better known as moral) it is only the set of behavioural equilibrium that sustains rationality of the individual detached from an anti-social I, of respect for the survival of the group that determines the survival of each one of us.

Evil (in the form of hatred, selfishness, greed and other negative projections) are egocentric viral records that determine conflict and biological breakdown within the group and that threaten its well-being (balance and socio-organic homoeostasis) in constant and perilous challenge.

"Good" sustains moral balance, Evil - egoism - promotes rupture.

So ...

God is not an absolute concept but a dynamic record of all origins and consequences that by force of universal physical, biological and chemical laws create and annihilate species over time.

Survival (eternity, as we like to say out loud) becomes ever more "infinite" as the being proves to be more intelligent, respectful and balanced towards the species in question in this reaction vessel (planet) where one's coexistence along with other biological groups is rather important.

There are other plans that we love call immortality (by mere fear of the unknown whilst seeking for constant emotional comfort). Immortality and Reincarnation are not but biological laws of dimensions of consciousness all the way from the merely earthly and tangible in each one of us. Immortality and Reincarnation are mere forms of recycling cosmic matter that not only has physical projection, but dictates the very nature of particle physics disintegrating, occupying other niches and dimensions, taking their place in the construction of other forms.

A scientist who studies death and reincarnation radioactively marked a plant in a sealed room and created an environment without renewal of substrates. Plants died, among them some which had been radiolabelledThe same scientist noticed the emerging of species that have used dead waste as substrate. Plants and animals, microbes and other different forms arose in a renewed ecosystem that made of death the best opportunity to create life. Sometime later that same scientist acknowledged the reconstitution of a new world, of new life forms that had emerged from that biological cemetery, among animals and plants and microbes the radioactively labelled chemical elements were present in numerous new life forms, as a result of a recycling and reutilisation process... quite unmatchable ... of biological, emotional, spiritual, molecular, biochemical value.

With this in mind can one try to answer to "What's the meaning of life?"

As stated in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" ... the meaning of life is personal evolution. Understanding this world where the importance of your existence is of no importance when not seen as a cycle of actions and reactions that take place in an infinite loop of time without beginning and without end. Time is a circle where there is no start or end point, it is constant, it recycles itself at the same rate at which it destroys itself.Time is the True God.

... and for me that is quite clear.

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