Sunday, 8 January 2012

Programming January on The Toxicologist Today

Welcome all to the year of 2012. I hope we have a great year, science-wise, peace-wise, wiser! To celebrate a full lively beginning of the year I will bring during this month two very promised articles. The first one is my review of the Regulatory Affairs course I completed in 2011; I know I promised many times I'd bring my perspective on it, but due to several affairs (not regulatory but professional though - and personal too) I had to postpone the sharing of my opinion. Expect the regulatory affairs article to come no later than this Saturday, the 14th of January. A revision, module by module of the pluses and minuses of what is delivered in the course, will accompany the review. And if everything goes accordingly to what I expect I will even publish the certificate that confirms my proficiency on the theories of regulatory affairs in the United States and Europe, however that will depend on PTI (Pharmaceutical Training International) sending it in time, nevertheless, I see no problems arising in what regards that. 

The interview I had promised right before Christmas will be published after the 14th of January 2012. This is because I need to shape it to a much broader article on the way science is being developed in Malaysia and in order to accommodate the views and perspectives of my interviewee, Prof. Dr. Johnson Stanslas. 

But because I wish to offer a taste of science to this Toxicology blog, so to drive those who care for the blog and science altogether, I will share with you this week (unfortunately not today) the PowerPoint presented as part of my Final Year Research Project for the BSc Hons in Biotechnology (completed in 2008). For those who are not familiar with my progression in Science prior to my MRes in Toxicology and the PhD in Molecular Microbiology, I will now offer a very short retrospective of my student life as a BSc Hons in Biotechnology undergraduate in the United Kingdom, so you can understand why I decided for this specific research path.

Late 2006 - Joined a BSc Hons in Biotechnology at the University of Nottingham (School of Biosciences, Sutton Bonington Campus) transferred from the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal) where I was completing a 5 years course on Biotechnological Engineering. I joined the 2nd year due to the number of modules successfully accomplished in Portugal. 

Early 2007 - As part of the 2nd year/2nd semester Research Project in Animal Science I refused the idea of having to join a pre-programmed project and proposed my own project: a case-study on Cushing's syndrome. Around 15 years of endocrinology data had been passed onto me from a relative; promptly, a direct, yet intricate conclusion needed proving, i.e., a desensitization of the patient's organism to Sertraline after a certain period of intake of a serotonin repressor (Zoloft), was the fuel to my research subject. 

Late 2008 - The end of the academic year brought my conclusions to a presentation where I presented my research achievements to a good panel of professors. This presentation will be brought to you this week.

This is thus the theme for January, I hope you like it and whenever possible, participate.

See you this Wednesday. Ciao!

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