Thursday, 6 October 2011

How to Grow Old Without Ageing

My mother very recently sent me a video as she usually does with basically everything that is forwarded to her that concerns health and safety. So far so good, I appreciate the love she has for her son, it helps me a lot, but not always the subject is interesting or that new to me. However, sometimes she blows my mind away with a few interesting forwarded emails that really help establish ideas that will promote a better living, less health problems, a greater dynamic concerning our ageing and the maintenance of excellent vital functioning of our organism.

Today, I opened her email to find a link to an you tube video where a Brazilian Cardiologist and Nutritionist - Dr. Lair Ribeiro-, invited to one of those (probably) morning shows that ladies in their sixties watch daily, explained that most of the doctors do not hold a specialisation on food when food is one of the major determinants of the quality of our ageing process [genes respond to environment, environment pushes gene expression, etc]. In a 30 minutes conversation, that I must say it was very interesting and I tried to postpone the viewing (believe me I have loads to do nowadays), but I had to see Dr. Laír Ribeiro [the link is in Brazilian Portuguese] speak of the many issues concerning how effective it can be an adequate managing of our ageing process just by controlling the many things we intake. I don't want to steal more of your precious time, so I made a list of the most important things he said that you can find resumed hereby:
For women with predisposition for breast cancer he advises the ingestion of cruciferae (Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) at least two times a week. These vegetables have indole-3-carbinol that helps prevent breast cancer as the gene expression of the gene responsible for the breast cancer is inhibited.
  • Don't eat bread on its own; it will force your insulin reach higher levels as carbohydrates are absorbed at a very high rate. Have your slice of bread with something else, specially protein.
  • Everything you eat after 6pm will stay with you "for life", so eat more on your breakfast and lunch and something very light for dinner (and by dinner my fellow British readers I mean after tea time and all that, not a meal between 12pm and 1 pm as some of you call it "dinner"). The explanation is simple, if you go to bed with a full stomach your glucose will go up blocking the growth hormone that helps grown-ups maintain their youth by inhibiting premature ageing.
  • Surprisingly the doctor advises pig fat to vegetable oils for cooking just because these oils are hydrogenated (supermarkets do it to enhance their shelf life) and when burned they generate trans molecules that will arm your heart. I cook with my grandfather's olive oil anyway!!!! If you use Canola oil, do not think you are healthier just for that. There is no such thing as a plant called Canola, this is just an acronym for Canadian Oil Low Acid that is associated to cardiovascular lesions when used for over 10 years. And when it comes to olive oil 4 characteristics are necessary for the olive oil to be effective in promoting a good health: cold extraction, extra virgin, kept in glass (cans release heavy metals and can be toxic to the organism), and the glass needs to be dark to avoid oxidising due to the light.
  • The World Health organisation advises people to walk at least 10000 steps a day, and if at the end of the day you haven't accomplished such than you can consider yourself as sedentary. Buy a pedometer and start controlling your locomotion, your body needs to waste energy to stimulate your muscles and cells.
  • One of the most reliable parameter to predict who will live longer is the level of insulin when you are fasting, the higher the insulin level, the shorter the life expectancy. 
  • It is possible to rejuvenate your body after reaching your sixties just by adopting a much healthier life style, as it has been proved by a supposed Dr. Belmont/Delmont from California (sorry but the video wasn't great at the time he was saying his name) who did an experiment on himself testing 44 parameters when he was 67 (I guess) and then repeated the same test when he reached his 80s. Results proved his body rejuvenated.
  • If you really love your children and yourself just avoid, by all means possible, fizzy drinks. Abolish them from your home. They will be responsible for that extra fat in your body even when they are zero calories because for them to be tasty loads of poisonous substances for your body are added to the drink.
  • Don't be afraid of eggs, they don't raise your cholesterol as many people say. The second best edible good in the world after the maternal milk? - the egg. Everything necessary, the egg contains! The problem is how you cook it (avoid frying it) and avoid the hydrogenated vegetable oils. Egg yolk is strong in lutein, essential for the human vision.
  • Wine! Who said it couldn't save lives. Wine contains resveratrol that stimulates genes associated to longevity. If you don't like wine, by the capsules available everywhere these days.
  • Onions have quercetin in their composition that also stimulate longevity associated genes. And green tea (the most consumed drink in the world) protects against cancer.
  • Heliophobia is stupid. Exaggerated exposure to sun is stupid. A balanced use of the sunlight is extremely healthy if you don't want to be lacking on vitamin D3, responsible for rejuvenating the cells, fight osteoporosis, etc.
And if by any random chance you speak Portuguese, please, take a look at the interview following this link. See you soon guys, hope this article helped anyway!

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