Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Luso 2011 in Nottingham, United Kingdom

On June, 18th, I will be going to Luso 2011 in Nottingham - UK,  as I confirmed payment yesterday! For those who are not entirely sure of what is Luso 2011 about I downloaded some information from their Facebook page. This info contains important ideas regarding the genesis, development and mission, as well as sponsors and contacts; for those who might be interested in participating. Best of all, I will cover the event and upload all the pertinent information, pictures and if possible some videos on The Toxicologist Today. Hope you visit the blog if you cannot make it to Nottingham.

LUSO is a PARSUK event

LUSO is an event that has been actively organised annually, since 2007, to promote discussion and interaction between Portuguese students and researchers living in the United Kingdom. This event is organised on behalf of the PARSUK - Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom.
General Information
LUSO 2011 will be a one-day event with several talks from both Portuguese academics and entrepreneurs that are currently
working in different parts of the world.
Its objective is to foster the debate about how researchers and students can use their knowledge and skills to contribute towards the development of businesses, companies and European economic growth.

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