Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spiders on Drugs, for a drugs awareness workshop

I have recently been asked to design a simple drugs awareness workshop for a group of kids involved in a youth activities club; a club integrated in the community center I have been volunteering at. To bring up such an important health awareness topic without driving the kids towards boredom and incomprehension of ludicrously hard concepts to digest, it did represent not only a very hard challenge, but also a dizzying climb. Why do I hold that impression? Well, between CRBs and the civil responsibility due to all the positive education measures applied here in the United Kingdom, it is an understandable reality the kind of demanding communication quality one has to make use of in order to never step out of the primordial path. A path which is defined by educating whilst entertaining, rather than transforming education in an entertainment. 

I managed to get a brief, yet very positive feedback from the people who asked me for help in the first place; but some cuts and edge fillings had to be made to one of the videos I found on the web. A video I believe offers a funny and "accurate" (at the children's level) approach to the most trivial effects of common drugs... unfortunately spoiling it all due to the language used right in the final moments. The image above was taken from the Norcal blogs, find it here.

Censored for toddlers, but not for TheToxicologistToday's visitors... Enjoy.

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