Monday, 30 August 2010

DetoxiFruits (Pineapple, Oranges, Lemons and Grapefruits)... daily!

We all know that the body has its own healing system, but it is never too much putting some aid forward when planning for a better quality of life. The moment we enter our own program to clean up our body and detoxify it from nocive agents, we immediately force ourselves to draw a line between pleasure and pain, i.e., the classic cigarettes, coffee, drugs and booze are so cliche that I won't even waste time on those. So what am I bringing up to the equation of detoxification for one's body? Fruit! Not Drosophila melanogaster and all the paraphernalia of scientific papers on the subject of detoxification related genes, but the colourful tasty fruit we all get from the conventional supermarket, or so!

But before entering a list of fruits that will definitely help anyone interested in detoxifying the organism, a few steps are necessary to understand, as part of the detoxification process. These steps allow us to prepare the body for the full cleansing and proper removal of toxins that ultimately remain in our "wasted" bodies:

a) Detoxification should be done by everyone at least once a year (because during the cold season our body get filled up with toxins and waste elements);
b) Now and then fasting helps the organs rest while you should always keep in mind that hydration is very important and exaggeration is a bullet in your own foot.
c) Take fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C that helps the body produce glutathione (a tripeptide that conjugates to N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine (NAPQI), the reactive cytochrome P450-reactive metabolite) helping to detoxify it, in this capacity protects cellular protein thiol groups, which would otherwise become covalently modified; when all glutathione has been spent, NAPQI begins to react with the cellular proteins, killing the cells in the process;
d) Make good intake of fibers and vegetables, and on the top list we have beets, artichokes, broccoli, the spirulina and the chlorella algae, cabbage and seaweed;
e) drink plenty of green tea, dandelion root that helps liver detoxification,
f) exercise frequently, breath properly in order to intake good levels of oxygen, and please use the Japanese Method of daily cleansing consisting on 400 ml of warm water taken in the morning before you have even brushed your teeth, let that same water flow inside your body for at least 40 minutes and then have your meal (I do it everyday!).

But today I want to present you the ultimate detoxifruits, as I like to call them; to take care of your whole and also your HOLE. 

As stated in the literature I revised "One of the most effective methods for detoxification is the one in which raw fruits and natural fruit juices are used. The fruit nutrition is an excellent remedy for excess organic toxicity because it redresses the alkaline state of the body, eliminates acidic chemicals in our organisms and helps us lose weight by providing us with a lot of energy at the same time... However, the colon will be the most required part of our body during the detoxification period, because it will be the medium through which more than 70% of the waste in the organism is eliminated. The digestive tract processes the meals we eat and when filling it with unhealthy products from junk food, it will become heavy with toxins. These toxins are also released in our body through the walls of the colon and reach the blood stream. From here, toxins dissipate all through our body and lead to various mild or serious diseases. "

Of all the fruits, citrus especially lemons, oranges, pineapples and grapefruits have the most beneficial effect on the detoxification process, strongly cleaning our blood, having miracle effects on the colon health, too. A daily intake of juices also help the gastric system to rest while you proceed with the detoxification supported by the fruits here advised.

Enjoy the fruits and clean up your hole, so you can be a whole of purity!

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