Monday, 29 March 2021

A necessary change of direction for the PACK

It has been incredibly hard for me to write with the frequency that I so much wish. Not only the several lockdown and quarantine restrictions impacted on my availability to research the different topics, but my professional life changed as well. The day before Christmas I was informed that I had been accepted into IQVIA and I would be saying goodbye to ProPharma Group where I had spent four and a half years. I said goodbye to my professional friends in late January to start a very interesting, enticing, exciting and challenging role with IQVIA's medical information and pharmacovigilance department. From ProPharma I take only incredible learning experiences and positive stories. It is incredible when all one has to say about one's previous company is so positive, and we take so much kindness and love in the words and gestures of those with whom one has cooperated and collaborated. ProPharma is indeed a great company and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn so much from highly professional and experienced people. 

But I am a man of challenges and one that always look forward to the top of the pyramid. I love building new relationships, collaborate with new minds and help others strive as much as I do in this realm. IQVIA offered me just that and more. I couldn't say no. From the very first minute I felt wanted, praised, accepted, looked up to and relevant. I think the most glorifying word in these first months of my experience with IQVIA is that I felt EXTREMELY RELEVANT... and that is so important for me because it carburates the necessary mental and emotional fuel that triggers the will to go forward and accomplish, whilst creating a collaborative team, a professional herd, a symbiotic pack. My first two months have been a steep learning curve and I am so proud of myself for having had the courage, amidst a pandemic, to once again put myself out there for the Universe to operate in me, whilst I give my very best to the world. 

I needed this change and I'll grab this opportunity with both hands whilst maintaining the only attitude I can ever carry deep inside, i.e., my team is my family, my project is my society, my vision is to grow together; no man or woman left behind. I see myself professionally ever more like part of a PACK where I use my wits and my personality, my curiosity and my knowledge to develop and progress with the PACK:

- with PRIDE in our work, always striving for the best quality possible

- with ACCOUNTABILITY, always taking responsibility for individual and collective decisions

- with CONFIDENCE, making sure that each decision is the most researched on 

- with KNOWLEDGE, built on perseverant study and constant seeking.

I know I have disregarded this blog for almost 3 months since my last post. But writing my book on nosocomial infections, my new job, my role as a husband, and as a father of two, alongside the sequential COVID restrictions... all have really had a tremendous impact on my availability to research confidently and more often. But I promise I am back. Not embedded with the illusion that I will be enjoying an enormous literary availability, but with the guts to say that this blog is also very important for me :)

Next article coming right after! Thanks for waiting so patiently over the past three months.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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